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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Tote In Transit

- As I mentioned yesterday, harness racing is scheduled to resume at Yonkers on Nov 17, and maybe they'll even be a tote board! Joe Faraldo told the NY Daily News: "I spoke to (track general manager Bob) Galterio (yesterday)....and he said the tote board has been ordered and it should arrive on Monday."

It sounds like they ordered it on Amazon but decided to save money and use the Super Saver Shipping!

It's certainly a coincidence and rather ironic that the reopening, if it really takes place as scheduled, is the same night that the trotters return to the nearby Meadowlands for the fall season. Competition from the Big M (that's their URL, by the way) is what put the final nail in the coffin of harness racing in the NYC area when it opened in 1976. Now the shoe is potentially on the other foot. The Meadowlands will be facing the heat from the Yonkers casino, while efforts to get their own slots are being fought tooth and nail by Atlantic City casinos and South Jersey politicians.