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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Early Results

- Another winner for Dale Romans with Little Nick in the second. Inside Passage took the third at 9-1 for Wally Dollase, his second winner of the meet. It was one of those races where I was looking for someone with which to bet against the favorites, but just couldn't come up with anything, especially this one. Cute Cakes was favored off a Polytrack rally at Keeneland; quite a different surface at CD today. The track is still sloppy and sealed, but there doesn't appear to be any rain, and I thought I even saw some shadows on the tiny replay screen on the Churchill Downs site. So maybe, if the rain holds off, they can harrow out the track and at least have it 'good' by post time.

I realized that amidst all the excitement of the last week, I've let my OTB phone account dwindle to a point at which if I don't hit an early race, I could be one of those guys running to stand in line at the OTB to replenish my account at 4 PM.

- Haze My Man is dead on the board at Belmont with 17 minutes to go. 5-2 morning line coming off a seven month layoff; 9-2 on the tote. No good.


t said...

Lemme get this straight, you don't have HRTV, but you can get all the CD feeds through an OTB channel you get on basic cable? Since I switch from Dish to Comcast, I no longer get HRTV, so I'm headed to the track on amateur day to get down. The girl is going begrudingly.

Good luck with your picks today, and I hope you don't have to stand in line @ 4p at the otb.

Alan Mann said...

No. I don't have cable, though I do have an old stray one on which I can get the OTB channel. However, that only carries Churchill up until 12, when the NYRA simulcast begins, and after the Belmont racing ends. You can see the races on the Churchill site about 15 minutes after they're run.

Thanks, and good luck yourself! Nice of the girl, y'know..