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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Notes - May 31

- Empire Racing wants to have Saratoga placed on the National and State Registers of Historic Places. I suppose that would thwart Capital Play CEO Karl O'Farrell's desire to build a beautiful fence around the track. The Australian entry into the franchise sweepstakes has been dominating the news of late, and since Empire had included this proposal to Governor Spitzer’s franchise selection panel in April and...pledged to fund the entire process, I suppose that part of the reason for the announcement is to simply stay in the news at a time when the relevancy of each and every one of the bidders is in question.

We've heard even less from Excelsior lately; their last press release was issued back on April 12. But they'll be in the news soon if my information from a secondhand source who requested anonymity due to the sensitivity of the situation is correct; I'm told that Steve Wynn will soon withdraw from the group.

Governor Spitzer met with legislative leaders yesterday in a public meeting to negotiate a number of issues they want to resolve before the end of the session on June 21. The all-important matter of repealing the law that prohibits the resale of tickets to sports events, concerts, and the theatre seemed to be the top priority; and the NY Times article reported no discussion of the franchise situation.

The Times also contains an odd full page ad:

10 Billion Dollars
Contributing to the Development of Knowledge and Culture

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced the establishment of his foundation with an endowment of 10 billion dollars, focusing on human development in the region. The foundation will facilitate and promote knowledge creation and dissemination, and will nurture future leaders, providing them with equal opportunities with the aim of building a knowledge-based society.
I'm presuming that the ad is not running in the Daily Racing Form. The ad refers to a website which is equally vague as to what exactly the Sheikh is going to do with his $10 billion - is there no limit to this guy's money? - but there is no mention of spindly-legged yearlings anywhere on the site.

- And we'll file this story regarding the establishment of a database to track on-track injuries in the "you mean, we don't already have this?" file.

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Anonymous said...

Alan said: "I'm told that Steve Wynn will soon withdraw from the group."

Wow. First Swindal, then Mulrow, and now perhaps Wynn. Can Roth be far behind? Couldn't be due to frustration over the selection (non)process. But, as you say, at least we will have amnesty for scalpers.