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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rear Admiral

- Admiral Bird ran last all the way around the track as the 5-2 second choice in a performance that makes you just hope that the horse is OK.

And Rondo goes down at 1-5 to Stan Hough's Valid Notebook!

Won't be able to post until later tonight, so just wanted to reiterate that Highland Cat is scheduled to run in the 7th tomorrow, and I'm planning to attend. So if you're there, please drop by the paddock or the winner's circle to say hi!


Anonymous said...

What about the chances of Gift of Valor in the 7th at Bel tomorrow vs Highland Ct and Exton?

Alan Mann said...

Highland Cat beat Gift of Valor in their last race, and even though the latter rallied from further back, he wasn't gaining on the Cat in the last sixteenth. He's a bit of a plodder I think. But he has improved with Alan Garcia. Still, I think HC can take him, and I'll likely use him underneath.

Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow Alan, looks like a reasonable spot for him.

Will be rooting him home from home, maybe next time.

Mr. Ed

Jim L said...


Good luck with HC! Hope he fares better than the Sabres did against Ottawa. Looks like a super Cup final, doesn't it? Have to admit, these are the two teams that deserve to be there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jim. Yes, they were definitely the better teams, and it does look like a great Final. I'm gonna go with the Sens in 7.