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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Music City Notes

- We're in Nashville! Our flight was 2 1/2 hours late, though we knew of the delay early, so were able to wait at home. When we arrived at the gate, you could immediately see the "we've been freaking sitting here for three hours" look on peoples' faces. We didn't get here until after 11PM local time, but still took a drive downtown to check out the scene. And what a scene it is, man! We'll go back and check out a couple of the joints and check out some music tonight. We noticed a couple of places where older people seemed to look comfortable and will likely gravitate towards those. There's also some kind of festival going on, and there was a huge stage at one end of Broadway.

You don't have to travel very far in this country to be in a different world. Imagine, strangers greeting you effusively, PEOPLE SMOKING CIGARETTES IN BARS AND HOTEL LOBBIES! Egads!

Thanks to everyone for all the Preakness feedback. For a race with only seven nine entrants, three of those most of us are disregarding - though Xchanger seems to have picked up a little support - it's turned into a quite fascinating little affair. Now, I'm hoping that the affair that the Head Chef and I are attending today will be over early enough to make it back here to the hotel for the race. The bride's stepfather is a major addict himself - he owns a little house in Saratoga, and charges the same five bucks for parking each day, including the Travers - so he and I will be seeking out a TV should the party run late.

Final thoughts - I'm sticking with Street Sense over the Pletchers, with a little Curlin on the side. Mr. Ed pointed out that Haskin did indeed kinda sorta pick Circular Quay to win; but he did qualify it with the "looking at the race strictly by value" line. And I don't disagree with the readers who question King of the Roxy's ability to get the distance, but I just feel he's sitting on a big race.

Pletcher once again takes the big filly race, this time winning the Black-Eyed Susan with Panty Raid. I well recall her taking her first race at Saratoga last summer at 4-1, with her name eliciting some tittering from the crowd. The Toddster is going to win a Triple Crown race one of these days...

It's an hour earlier here, so I was surprised to see that it's already the 4th at Pimlico, and it's only 10:40 local time! Our wedding is at noon, so I gotta go, but just an observation on the Dixie Stakes, the 10th on the day. This is a wide open race that will no doubt present some major value. Einstein ran one of the monster races of the year when he was way wide for three turns at in the Gulfstream Park BC, and then came back just two weeks later to take the Muniz. After two months off, he ran disappointingly in the Turf Classic. It may have been the yielding ground, but I just have the gut feeling that he's vulnerable as the morning line favorite. I also don't really care for Silver Tree (5-1), whose best days may be behind him despite his win at Gulfstream in the Appleton. Cosmonaut (9-2) made a very nice return at Keeneland last month against a moderate, and looks tough.

But I'm looking at two potential overlays here, both from Marty Wolfson. Can't Beat It (15-1) has a good excuse for most of his losses. He lost on the dirt in the Fountain of Youth, and has been beaten by Barbaro and Showing Up on grass. He's an improving four-year old, and though his return race at Calder last month was dull, he always improves in his second off the layoff. Mending Fences (10-1) is another improving animal for Wolfson. He starts from the 11 post, but have a look - there is no speed at all inside of him.

OK, OK, The Head Chef is giving me looks; time to get dressed. Have a fantastic day, and best of luck to all.


Harl said...

I think Borel blew it when he peaked behind to see if he was clear in the final stride. Big jockey error!

Valerie Grash said...

I respectfully disagree. Curlin was the best horse today.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't exactly thrilled with how quickly Pino moved with HS either, but Curlin earned his win today. Even with a stumble at the start, and a lot of zig-zagging, he still got home in front -- very impressive.

There was an anonymous poster back on the "Preakness Notes" thread who noted Curlin's troubled Derby trip after watching the race from several different angles. I vaguely recalled the post, and went back to re-read it after the race today. Nice call, but maybe you could leave some type of ID-name to identify your posts in the future.

Anonymous said...

Was anyone but me confused by the NBC feed. I just knew they would cut all over the place and forget about the horses that mattered, completely lost track of SS until he made the lead.

Just watched the track feed replay 5 times and noted three things;

A) Hard Spun (Danzig) is going to be an excellent Turf miler, if I could get a few bucks down on him for the BC Mile I would right away.

B) Seemed Robbie A was intent in not letting his boy Calvin get to the rail, real nice race riding in the first half mile, never letting SS get comfortable. Mint Slewep chipped in also, keeping him off the rail on the first turn.

C) I will be in the minority in that I do not think the look back by Calvin cost him the rail. SS was all out, did not let up, but rather Curlin somehow found another gear.

After his ARK Derby win I wrote that a new American Star was born, but predicted he would struggle in Kentucky due to lack of seasoning and rebound in Maryland a la Afleet Alex. Too bad I did not remember that thought until after the race.

IF they go he should dispose of R2R easily. Saw Belmont feed interview with Shug and he did not mention the Belmont, looks like he is pointing the Spa with Sightseeing.

Would have been nice if the interviewer would have asked straight out, instead of hinting, "If you win today are you in the Belmont?".

Mr Ed

Anonymous said...

C) Should say (did not cost him the race, not rail).

Anonymous said...

how is it a guy that disapproves of giving out info to drf and others,wants even more info to comment on this blog?Had to piggy-back on this thread to rant.

Alan Mann said...

>>how is it a guy that disapproves of giving out info to drf and others,wants even more info to comment on this blog?Had to piggy-back on this thread to rant.

I don't request any information at all, the whole deal is run by Blogger. What kind of information are they requesting?

Alan Mann said...

Yeah, I thought the NBC feed was confusing. It was like we hear Durkin say he's 12 lengths back, then all of a sudden he's coming into the picture.

And I thought that Gary Stevens said that the rail was actually a bit deeper and not the place to be on Saturday.