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Friday, May 04, 2007

Intermission Report

- Rags to Riches came home in 12.19 seconds, under energetic hand encouragement by Garrett Gomez. And that was after she was a good 3-4 around the first turn, and 3 wide on the second. She is one impressive filly.

Reader Kevin, already firmly committed to Dominican, says this makes me wanna pound CIRCULAR QUAY tomorrow. the way they went after each other while working in company.... Certainly doesn't hurt my perception of his chances...especially at his current 14-1 odds, an overlay I don't expect to last.


Brett said...

However on here gave the Oak/Derby Double of RtR w/ All was brilliant. And since I made that bet also am I brilliant?

And question does anyone know what races ESPN will start broadcasting tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

CQ was moved up a notch on my list, from 3rd to 2nd, passing Great Hunter.

I narrowed down my possible winners from 7 to 5 tonight, finally tossing Hard Spun and Tiago, both due to the workout reports.

I can see Curlin potentially, and will cover on my "spread" P6 ticket although I think he will prove unworthy. (Btw, does anyone else think this is a less than stellar undercard?).

SS, CQ, GH, NBLS one of those 4 should be in the winners circle, they and Curlin are the only entrants I can see moving forward to the 109 par.

Know that does not help much, but such is the case in this confusing race. I should just play the longest shot of those and probably will, especially if wet which I feel may hinder top pick SS more than the others. I will let he mint juleps make the final decision.

If none of them make the jump forward this may be the most exciting Derby in a long time, a real calvary charge in the last sixteenth.

A side note, while no one has totally distinguished themselves of late, I think it is great so many of the BC Juvenile contestants have managed to run to form and make the Derby. Must be a record.

Good luck to all.

Mr. Ed