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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Highland Cat Cuts Losses

- It's Highland Cat, getting ready for his race on Sunday when he ran second. A nice photographing job by the Head Chef; her best effort of the day, as we'll see below. Castle Village has applied his earnings to the cash call, thus easing the pain for the group by the $3,715 netted from the $5,200 share of the purse. That's over 28% skimmed off the top. 10% each to the trainer and jockey, and another point or two for the barn help; a percentage for the managing partner, 2.75% to NYRA, 1% for the horseman's association [Correction: the 1% for the horseman is included in the 2.75% taken by the track]. And Castle Village donates 1% to various charitable causes, including retirement funds and backstretch programs. It's a tough business man; that's a pretty big cut in addition to the normal daily and monthly expenses.

Here, the Head Chef photographed Highland Cat in the paddock from inside; you can see that the glass has not been cleaned recently.

And here, below, is the video that she shot. And if you look very carefully...and don't blink nor take your eyes off of it for even a moment, you just may catch a glimpse - there! - of Highland Cat as he whizzes under the wire. You can also hear the Head Chef trying, at the very same time, to describe the action to me on the phone, and succeeding in doing neither job very well.


Anonymous said...

No commentary/observations on MGM pulling out?

Anonymous said...

Between your commentary and the video of the HC's efforts, I laughed my butt off. Seriously,you are extremely fortunate to have a partner who 1) let's you go to your Rangers games and 2) then stands in for you at the races. I get the same kind of encouragement for my vices. We are both truly blessed.

Anonymous said...

Why the 2.75% to NYRA?

Anonymous said...

Steve - Actually, and I'll make the correction in the post, the 2.75% includes the 1% for the horseman's association. The balance is for health and welfare funds for riders and backstretch help.

And yes L.S...I am most fortunate to have the Head Chef (and even luckier that she doesn't read the blog).

Anonymous said...

I walked into the Racino on Sunday just in time to see your horse at the post. Before I could get to the window the race was off. Definitely would have put a little change on the 'Cat to place. And what a nice little pay-off for seconds! Congratulations. And I hope the HC got to the window for you as well as manning the cameras and cell phone!

Brett said...

Looking at the post selection draw a lot of good horses are at the bottom of the list including Curlin, AGS, and Dominican, all are picking between 16th and 20th.