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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Notes - May 24

- Getting ready to leave for Belmont, and the Head Chef will be coming along too (though I won't have her do any filming this time). So I'll be back with photos and hopefully some happy news later on.

Also need to catch up on some news at some point soon. Walter had been wondering why no other track had yet gone with Cushion Track as their synthetic choice, and now Santa Anita has. Don't know how much that will cost Magna, but whatever amount it is will be that much more than they are apparently willing to spend to fulfill promises made to fix up the backstretch there. I'm sure they're more enthusiastic to kick in their share of Empire Racing's plans to do so in New York given the potential slots windfall that may await them here.

Thanks to those who have chimed in with varying opinions of Capital Play and exactly what experience they bring to the table. I'm in the process of gathering more information before I chime in on that. Honestly I didn't really take them seriously at first, but they've certainly been persistent if nothing else.

TVG postponed their usual overnight infomercials to run one on behalf of themselves on Wednesday night. Their all-night marathon of repeats of their Hollywood Pick Six preview was about as subtle as Lou Dobbs hawking his anti-immigration agenda on what is supposed to be a news show. It was nothing more than TVG's way of trying to pump up its own share of the massive pool (and if anyone knows what it actually was, please let us know since I can't seem to find it anywhere).

Anyway, I'm off to the races and I'll speak to you later.


Anonymous said...

More info on the plan to tear down the Big A. Real Estate developers are salivating......

"It probably is the largest undeveloped hunk of viable real estate in the city," a professor of urban studies at CUNY's Queens College, Martin Hanlon, said. "In terms of potential for development, it's very much there — you have the Belt Parkway, you have the A train."

Brett said...

Then P6 pool Wednesday for Hollywood Park was 4.5 mil I think.