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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Actin Good So Far (with updates)

- The infield tote board went out a little after the first race, raising an audible groan from the crowd, but now it's back.

Actin Good won the first, and I can already hear the people going "speed bias." He led all the way, and managed to hold off Now A Victor, who looked set to go by midstretch. Actin Good was 10-1, but he won his first two turn start, at Suffolk, and was lone speed, so I wouldn't go jumping to any conclusions as of yet. His fractions were 24.2, 49.2, 1:14, 1:38.4, and 1:51.2.

The Brits are up here and seem to be having a fine time. It's Chris McGrath's birthday, and he was serenaded by Happy Birthday (with the accents of course).

- F&M Sprint winner Maryfield will be sold at the Mixed Sale at Keeneland on Nov 4. Certainly didn't do anything to hurt her value by becoming a BC winner!

- I had a nice conversation with Chris McGrath. He was telling about the Fallon trial, which he's been covering, and he feels that the case against the jockey is a farce; that outside authorities, when they get involved with racing, just don't understand. I told him about the Weight-gate case here, and he was pretty amazed.

He also said that Dylan Thomas does not like this kind of footing. Said that he spoke to Fallon recently, and he said that the horse doesn't like it when his feet sink down into the bog, and that he has trouble extracting them. Feels that he would "lap them" on a firmer course. Time for the second race....and I'll be switching over mainly to the BC blog soon.

- Wow, fractions of 20.4 and 43.1 in the second, the Miss Woodford. Marina Ballerina set that pace, and was joined by Coco Belle around the turn. After that crazy half mile fraction, Coco Belle came home in almost 26 second for a final time of 1:09. Yet nobody gained any appreciable ground at all. But again, before we jump to conclusions, this was a 12 horse field which contained mostly fillies of the same running style - speed and pressing. So it's entirely possible that the rest of them simply were bottomed out. Stay tuned...... [It was also pointed out that there's a stiff wind blowing behind the horses as they go down the backstretch, which could account for those quick early fractions.]

- Started my "live blog" entry at the BC blog. I'll post the link here when it's up. Will probably just do one giant entry, updated throughout the day. The Head Chef is also on the way, and I have to sneak her into the press seating section, and keep her happy with free food and beer. So I don't know how often I'll be able to post here. Have a feeling this day is just going to fly by.....

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Brett said...

What a race for Cobalt Blue. Gomez and him came from the clouds in The Select Stakes. Awesome race. Better if I would have played the 11-1 overlay on class.