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Thursday, October 25, 2007

$#@&! (with updates)

- I went down to get a simulcast edition of the Form, and the guy in front of me bought the last one in the house. This caused me to utter my first profanity of the trip. Perhaps, it saved me from spouting others throughout the day....but it was rather frustrating. The regular edition only has Keeneland in addition to the sloppy Mth and Aqu.....not even Santa Anita? I didn't buy it just out of spite....and because I'm cheap.

Update: Formulator doesn't seem to be working; can't download anything. Jess??

- Through a fortuitous series of events, I've scored free seats for myself AND the Head Chef for Saturday. Well? I deserve it, doncha think? I also found out that I'm going to be live blogging for the BC site that day. I have kinda mixed feelings about that - I told that Sports Conference Call last night that my goal was to NOT have to work on Saturday. But I guess it will be fun. Moran has to do the news angle; I just have to talk about betting and the odds, so it will be like thinking out loud.

The Fire Inspector is here, and they're talking to Jim Gluckson of NTRA. They are apparently NOT happy about the setup here. There are desks that are blocking two of the main doors, and it may violate the rules. Gluckson doesn't look particularly happy; this is the section where all of the copious Media Notes are being compiled (check them out at the BC site). There's not much room to rearrange. I already don't have a real seat, so if they want me to do my thing on Saturday, they better find one for me!

OK, I'm back to Monmouth. Mott has a colt named Bearish here who's raced twice on the grass, and he's the 2-1 favorite. Seems worth looking into. Author TD Thornton will be on the mike for race six.

The fire inspector is saying things like "full access." That can't be good.

- Dixie Chatter is out of the Juvenile.

- Bearish won at 7-5; good thing I didn't pull the trigger. As I said, I have no feel for sloppy tracks. She was absolutely dead last on the backstretch, but was in front by the time they turned for home....even the horses that do close are generally right there by that time. Of course, we're hoping against hope that the track will be least harrowed on Saturday and that today's trends will mean nothing.

The 7th was originally a nice little turf stakes, with Mauralakana, trained by Francois Parisel, Naissance Royale, and Roshani. They've all scratched, what a drag.

- Major rearrangements in the wake of the Fire Inspector's visit. Definitely even less room than before. I don't really know where they're going to find a spot for me on Saturday if they really want me to live blog.


ljk said...

Bearish - from last to first. Proving it can be done.

forego is my witness said...

Weatherwise: I've been checking every few hours since Monday, and it's slowly, slowly improving ever so slightly. They make no mention of thunderstorms, and now just say "likely light rain showers" as opposed to yesterday when it said definite rain. Emphasis on LIGHT....

Michael said...

I also heard they didn't have betting terminals set up in the Aux. Press Room at first...what gives?