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Friday, October 26, 2007

Quack Quack

- Another temporary glitch, as my computer got hot and shut down, man....

- You may not want to read this unless you're a duck. Track super Bob Giordano said that we're expecting some heavy rain between 4 and 5 today. Then, heavy rain is expected after 7, maybe an inch of rain! It's supposed to taper off between 1 and 1:50. And maybe, if we're lucky, the sun could poke through for the Classic. But he said there's no way he could see that the track will be fast for the Classic. Muddy-good the best possible scenario, and he doesn't see it being harrowed at any time.

He also said that the inner portion of the turf course has not been used since Haskell day on Aug 5. Until that is, the just completed 6th race, the Epitome stakes. Frankie Dettori took the lead on Joffe's Run, but it was ultimately the Toddster with Sea Changer at 8-1; third winner of the day for Johnny V. The fraction were a quick 23.3, then slowed to 49.1, and 1:14; so the splits were certainly not overly slow.

Back to Giordano, he also said that the new cushion of the main track makes it slower to dry out.


Michael said...

From watching the ESPN coverage, it doesn't look like anyone is there. Are the buildings packed to the gills or did no one show up?

Alan Mann said...

Michael - There's a pretty big crowd here. They're huddled inside.