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Monday, October 15, 2007

Last Stabs by Shinnecock, Empire

- The story of the Shinnecock tribe's proposal to build a massive full casino at the Big A that would dwarf the proposed 4,500 machine VLT parlor made for a good front-page headline at the NY Daily News on an otherwise slow Sunday. But it's highly unlikely to become a reality. Casinos other than racetrack VLT parlors are illegal in the state, unless built on land owned by a tribe that is recognized by the Department of the Interior's Bureau of Indian Affairs. Although the tribe has been recognized by a federal judge, the bureau has yet to follow suit, saying a decision might not be made until 2014.

The bureau has said it can't get to the Shinnecocks' case until 2009, and that a decision couldn't be made until five years after that. [Newsday]
Yeah, the wheels of government turn slowly alright, unless its funding a failed war. The tribe is awaiting a court's decision on their plan to build a casino on Eastern Long Island, but even a favorable decision would be subservient to their federal tribe status. However, according to the News' report, should the court rule that they have the right to build that casino, the tribe would try for a global settlement with the state and feds — giving it tribal recognition and making the land around the racetrack reservation property.

The proposal calls for over 10,000 slot machines as well as a full array of table games; and would have nothing to do with operating the racetrack. The Shinnecocks have no experience with running a casino, but they have a willing partner in Gateway Casino Resorts. That company is run by Marian Ilitch, the wife of Detroit Tigers' owner Mike Ilitch, who, of course and according to major league baseball rules, has nothing at all to do with his wife's business! Of course, you can find all you need to know about the Ilitch clan over at The Verifiable Truth. Gateway operates the MotorCity Casino in Detroit, a venture which is apparently having some problems of its own.

The Albany Times-Union's Capitol Confidential today reports that the State Investigations Committee received an eight page complaint alleging a giant conspiracy between Spitzer, Getnick and Getnick, NYRA and Excelsior to award the franchise to the latter two. The document also claims that a leak from the federal government was behind the Times-Union's story on the FBI investigation of Bruno that caused Jared Abbruzzese to have to leave Empire. If it sounds to you as if Empire may be behind this - the report itself points out that it "echoes the cries of collusion between NYRA and Excelsior and unfair treatment by the state already made by Empire Racing Associates CEO Jeff Perlee" - you're certainly not alone. An Empire spokesperson denies that it sent anything to the committee. Nontheless:
Several people in the racing industry who have reviewed or been briefed on the complaint, a copy of which was obtained by the Times Union, view it as "a Hail Mary pass" from a desperate Empire, calling it "ridiculous" and full of inaccuracies.
NYRA Chairman Steve Duncker called the memo a "pack of outright lies" that "appears to be the last desperate attempt of a dying entity." [Albany Times Union]
- I don't want the Red Sox to win the World Series. Not that I'm a huge Yankee fan, but I dunno, I just prefer it when Red Sox Nation flies their flag at its accustomed half mast. So I turned the TV off in disgust the other night when Rafael Perez, brought into the game prematurely by manager Eric Wedge, served up two breaking balls that you could have hung the Mona Lisa on to Manny Ramirez and Mike Lowell, who both hit them out of sight for a 6-5 Sox lead. I pictured Boston on its way to a sweep at that point, so imagine my surprise when I turned the game back on and saw that it was tied.

One comment on the Fox broadcast team of Joe Buck/Tim McCarver - and this is perhaps my biggest pet peeve of all about baseball announcers. They repeatedly praised David Ortiz for his "hustle" down the line to beat out a possible double play before Manny's prodigious blast. The way I look at it, you hit a ground ball, you run your hardest to first. Period. Especially in a potential double play situation, especially in a playoff game! No extra credit for that is warranted, none whatsoever. Big Papi may not be 100%, but he makes a zillion dollars a year, so he can run hard to first, big deal.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Alan, hate to correct you on your Ortiz comments. Maybe it's the Red Sox fan in me, but he deserves the praise. The guy has been nursing a gimpy knee all year long. He's slated for surgery once the season is over. He tries his butt off every AB while Manny cadillacs it half the time. He plays through injuries and he's the soul of the team. Also, I didn't double check this but I think he makes around $6 mil per year. Certainly more than me or you but it makes him one of the most underpaid athletes in pro sports based on his numbers. Go sox.

John said...

The idea of Aqueduct becoming an Indian reservation has got to be a great idea for a post but the first thing that comes to mind is F Troop and the Hekawi Indians. . . I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

"failed war"
Didn't know if you noticed, but There's alot of good news lately with the war on terrorism.
Tell us Alan, like any good liberal,you don't want us to win the war.Right.

alan said...

- Ortiz is actually making $13.25 million - that according to - but that's beside the point. I generally cringe when announcers say that a guy hustled down to first, because I don't expect anything less. There are a lot of difficult things to do in baseball, and running full speed for 90 feet ain't one of them. However, I do understand your point about Ortiz. And I'm not looking to pick a fight with Red Sox're just more fun to hang out with when you're bitching and complaining! :)

John - You're not implying that Sergeant O'Spitzer would be cutting any deals on the side with the tribe, are you?

and mr. anon (2) - I was talking about the war in Iraq. I think you're talking about the "war on terrorism," a novel concept in which we would actually go after the people who attacked us rather than merely the target which seemed most convenient at the time.

Anonymous said...

Come on Alan,Take the Blinkers off and look at the big picture.Iraq is part of the war on terrorism.The same way Iran,Syria,No.Korea,Afganistan..
And guess what,were Winning.
Alan,do you want the U.S.A to win the War in Iraq?
I only ask because it's hard for me to get an answer from my Liberal friends.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like sour grapes in response to New England's dominance of big league sports these days?! The Patriots, The Sox, and now the Celtics are making a big move to return to their rightful place as the premier franchise in the NBA. All we need now for the New England Pick 4 is for the Bruins front office to get the message so Boston can sweep the Big 4 Major League titles in 2009, a historic feat to be sure. Can't wait for Rudy to greet the World Series repeating Sox in the Rose Garden Spring '09! You can take solace in the fact that New England racing was, still is, and always will be "Bush-league" compared to the Big Apple. /S/Green Mtn Punter

Anonymous said...

well I was only off by 7 and a quarter million.

Anonymous said...

I am so sick of Tim McCarver, but like NYRA, what are the acceptable alternates?

Verifiable said...

... And Bud Selig (MLB) will let Marian Ilitch (former officer of the Detroit Tigers and wife of the Tigers' owner Mike Ilitch) take on yet another gambling hall... this one to be at least 4.5 times larger (some reports suggest it would be 10 times larger) than MotorCity Casino.

The Detroit Red Wings (NHL) are hosting a Texas Hold'em Tournament at MotorCity Casino in November ... as if Hockey hasn't had enough bad PR tied to gambling.

How will she leverage Detroit's sports empire in New York?

Verifiable said...

You've got to wonder what significance, if any, the $345,000 fundraiser Marian Ilitch hosted for Rudy Giuliani back in August at a Tigers home game will have on the outcome of the Aqueduct proposal ...

affirmedny said...

Dear Mr. Anon 2, Define "winning" the war for us please. That's the question I can't get answered from my republican friends. Maybe it's because there is no good answer?
That "winning" and "losing" crap is propoganda right out of the Fox News handbook. And another thing, it IS possible to support the troops and be against the war.

bob f said...

I thought this was a horse racing blog, but since the subject has been broached...

I've always wanted to ask the "If you're opposed to our involvement in Iraq, you hate America and want us to lose" crowd a question or two.

First, how do you define winning in Iraq? We're trying to police a civil war. There's nothing for us to win in Iraq. They're going to fight it out whether we're there or not. So, using your own original thought, and without regurgitating administration talking points, please explain what there is for us to win in Iraq, and how do we know when we've won it?

Second, where do traitors get off questioning the patriotism of others? Anybody who can still support this president after all that he's done over the past six years obviously places their loyalty to the Republican Party above their loyalty to the United States of America, and that's treason in my book. The hypocrisy of these turncoats is galling. I have no respect for anyone who remains blindly loyal to either of the worthless political parties that have inexplicably been allowed to maintain a monopoly on our government. Government of, by, and for the people has long been dead, and I firmly believe that if the founding fathers were to return today, they'd want to revolt again.

Anonymous said...

Alan-Can you do me a huge favor and find out for breeders cup next Saturday info about General admission tickets. With General Admission tickets, will you be able to walk around parts of the clubhouse and grandstand/paddock etc-or will you have restricted access to only a certain small part of the place ? Basically, will you be able to walk around the place or not ? Thanks a lot!!!

alan said...

I heard a nasty rumor regarding the $50 GA admission being for restricted areas only....and not for the grandstand apron! I'll try and find out more.

Thanks there to affirmedny and bob f, who summed up my feelings better than I could (and saved me some time too!)

Anonymous said...

Bob f said..

"I've always wanted to ask the "If you're opposed to our involvement in Iraq, you hate America and want us to lose" crowd a question or two"

Bob You have a right to be opposed to our invovment in Iraq.

The Question is , and hopelully Alan can also answer,DO YOU WANT THE U.S.A. TO WIN THE WAR IN IRAQ?I eagerly await your answers.

alan said...

>>The Question is , and hopelully Alan can also answer,DO YOU WANT THE U.S.A. TO WIN THE WAR IN IRAQ?I eagerly await your answers.

I think Bob's point was, and I agree and think this is the reason why it's hard to get an answer from your liberal friends, that the question "do you want to win" is irrelevant now. The war, as originally envisioned by its planners, was supposed to be a relatively quick operation with minimal casualties on both sides, and a resulting democracy that would inspire other Middle Eastern nations to follow suit.

In that regard, the war was lost long, long ago.....not even to mention the ill will its created towards this country around the world. So I have to ask you, as Bob did, what you mean by winning. Is it to kill every last terrorist? Even if that was possible, it would only lead down the road to the creation of a new generation of young men and women who hate America. So I can't really answer your question. While I think it would be morally bankrupt for us to immediately withdraw at this time considering what we've done to the country, the only "winning" now in my view is to get out with as few additional casualties as possible, and to leave behind as reasonably secure of a country as we can. But no matter what happens, even if we "win" in your eyes, I think we've created a hotbed of terrorism that wasn't there before, and one that will have to be dealt with for years to come. That sounds like a loss to me.

bob f said...

I largely agree with Alan's answer, but I'd like to add that, unlike those whose primary allegiance lies with their political party, I want what's best for the United States.
This "Do you want the USA to win the war in Iraq" garbage is nothing but a red herring and attempted smear by those who have nothing substantive to offer in support of their position (as evidenced by the failure to answer the question: How do you define winning in Iraq?).

Anonymous said...

My idea of a win in Iraq.

When Gen.Petraeus says that the Iraqi Government can defend its self from outside influences(i.e Iran,Syria)then we should leave.
To leave prematurely would be a disaster for our Country.

>>Alan said-
But no matter what happens, even if we "win" in your eyes, I think we've created a hotbed of terrorism that wasn't there before, and one that will have to be dealt with for years to come. That sounds like a loss to me.

From all reports lately,the terrorist are in bad shape in Iraq.
The terrorist hot beds seem do be in Iran,Syria and elsewhere.

>>not even to mention the ill will its created towards this country around the world.

You must be talking about France and Germany, whose leaders were replaced with leaders who are friendlier with the Bush administration.


There's one other question I can't get my liberal friends to answer.
this is in regards to Iran.
We both agree that we should talk with Iran about nuclear weapons,but then there will come a time when negotiation are over.
The question is, do you want Iran to have Nuclear weapons and if not would you use military force to stop them?
They won't answer the Question.They act as if it's a trick question.
What's your take.

Teresa said...

I've tried hard to stay out of this political conversation on a racing blog...but (sigh) I give in. Or up.

There's no such thing as a win in Iraq at this point. We have destroyed a country and its populace; we have taken from them the barest essentials of a civilized life; we have left innocent people vulnerable to violent and destructive forces of all kinds.

No matter what we do now, we have damaged the credibility of this country around the world, made all of our global decisions suspect, and put ourselves in an untenable position. If we stay, we lose; if we leave, we lose.

The only way to have won would have been to come out from under the gauzy lie of "fighting terrorism" in Iraq as a response to September 11th, admitted to the goal of nation-building, and released the Iraqi people from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein while at the same increasing their quality of life.

It doesn't matter whether we want to win in Iraq. There is no hope for that at this point. We can't win.

Anonymous said...

Teresa said,

"It doesn't matter whether we want to win in Iraq. There is no hope for that at this point. We can't win"

I agree with you Teresa.

Thank you