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Friday, October 26, 2007

Updates.... (with updates)

- The official turf condition is, I'm told, 'good.' I heard Gluckson talk about what I mentioned the other day, that the grass was so totally rock hard that it can handle a lot of rain. Which is exactly what's expected later today and tonight.

My picks for tomorrow are up on the BC site now, if you care..

- Hunting came off the pace to win the 4th at 6-5, or something like that. I'm having trouble paying attention to anything, no less actually handicap and bet. I'm really going to need to plan out and make all of my wagers in advance for tomorrow. And I'm still pissed about the simulcasting. It's like the Breeders' Cup is the NCAA, and just takes over its venues and declares blanket exclusivity. I know in the past, there couldn't be advertising at an arena where there was a basketball tourney game. Don't know if that's still the case, because they'd have to board up half the arena!!

- I know it's a serious day in here because the chocolate cake disappeared in about fifteen minutes!

- I thought Hunting was a bet-against, being that his one race around two turns was a dismal one. He seems to like the slop. Shug trains the winner, and he doesn't have a Breeders' Cup runner this year, does he?

- They just played the national anthem, and most everyone in the auxiliary press box (heretofore known as the APB) stood and was silent. A couple of guys remained seated however. Must be some of those...........French people or something!