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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


- Things have not been going smoothly thus far. After straightening out the credentials, I got to the auxiliary press box, a converted eatery so it seems. There's no spot for me, but I'm not being picked on. There's actually no spots for anyone from So I was sitting at the Trentonian's spot, and actually it's pretty empty here today.

But I've been unable to get online. It says I have a connection, but I can't get through. Turns out there's some kind of incompatibility issue between Dell and HP computers, and the wireless network here (Jessica beware!!). I found two extremely nice women who are trying to help, and they hooked me up with an ethernet wire for now. So I'm sitting at a table by myself, but at least I got online.

The track was originally labeled muddy, now good, but it's been harrowed all day. And yes, the speed horses are doing well, except in the route race, in which Judith's Symphony crept up the rail on the turn from far back and emerged between horses in the stretch. Closers rally in the stretch and get close, but they hang and can't seem to get by. I guess this is all familiar to those who are familiar with the track.

Be back shortly with a couple of pictures of Curlin schooling in the paddock.


Jessica said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the (potential) wireless problems. If there's an incompatibility between HP and Dell, what's the Monmouth network going to do when a Mac attempts connection? I'll be sure to pack an ethernet cord, just in case.

Ernie Munick said...

Hurry with Curlin pics!!!!

John said...

Just sit tight in the Trentonian spot. The Trentonian is a rag and to think that they have a spot and you don't is ridiculous. So if whomever from the Trentonian shows up pretending to be a racing journalist just stare them down and tell them they could just copy the AP releases from their office in Trenton !!!

alan said...

John - They have three spots!!!!