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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday (with updates)

- It's still raining, but today, it's hot. Around 70 degrees, but with the humidity, and compared to yesterday, I'm sweating here in the APB. A t-shirt and shorts would have been more appropriate.

The parking lot was pretty empty when I came in (except for the Media Lot), but the fans will be streaming in as the day goes on for sure. Again, tons of seats being sold outside, and you know which ones are under cover because they're being loudly advertised as so. The smart people who arrived early without having purchased tickets have grabbed seats indoors on the third floor, nice job.

A couple of scratches - Slew's Tiznow is out of the Juvenile, and Wait A While, who detests soft turf, is out of the F&M Turf. Too bad from a wagering perspective on the latter. After Market has not yet been scratched from the Mile, but I expect he likely will be (and certainly should be based on what Sherriffs has said).

The track is, obviously, labeled 'sloppy,' and it's very wet, with water standing on top. The turf is designated as 'soft.' But we're on the turf!!

- One of the giant screens in the infield is malfunctioning, and there's a big box of white and black stripes just around where the odds for the '2' horse is supposed to be.

Corinthian got a preliminary 119 for his Dirt Mile and Seventy Yards; second highest of the year behind Midnight Lute. 101 for Maryfield, and an 85 for Nownownow. All that plus picks over at Cristblog.

They have Bwana Bull at 8-5 for the first race. This is the Pegasus, usually run at the Big M. Helsinki is second choice, and I hate him here, there, and everywhere. Now A Victor looks interesting stretching out for Trombetta; currently at 7-2.

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Ruben Bailey said...

So they are making a big deal about mud calks - 2nd, 3rd, 4th place all had them.

Any ideas on where one can find that info? Completely worthless doesn't have the info.....any ideas? Would be a nice bit of info to have.