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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Notes - Oct 4

- A couple of quickies before I'm off to opening night at the Garden, Rangers hosting the Florida Panthers!

When I mentioned that first race on Wednesday in which Indian Hawke was extremely well-bet in winning by 12, I of course didn't mean to imply any improprieties. But Jerry Bossert in the News reports that the stewards will review the race [Thursday] morning with several of the jockeys involved in the race. Two of the horses, Stonewood and Raceland, normally show speed that was absent in this case; and Bossert writes that Kent D, on Stonewood, gave a "lackluster performance."

- Reader Late Scratch mentioned the hard line taken by Charles Hayward regarding the possibility of no franchise deal being reached by 12/31. Hayward told the Saratogian that NYRA could reopen their land claim if there's no agreement by that date; and said that NYRA has no intention to let the state use its tracks to run racing.

"I wouldn't go to the $50 window that racing will be in existence Jan. 1 without an agreement here," said John Sabini, D-Queens, ranking minority member of the Senate Committee on Racing, Gaming and Wagering. "It's not a sure bet."
Well, I'd actually be willing to make that appropriate odds, anyway. More on this later, but it's time to drop the puck!


Anonymous said...

How many others feel that the Dutrows should move their stables to Penn National, Finger Lakes, or the nearest harness outfit to continue their highly questionable ways?

Anonymous said...

Some racing fans might want to know about this, and it's highly doubtful the stewards will ever look into this race.

At the Spa, a horse trained by Schosberg which had not been out in several months went off at 7-1. I've been going to the Spa for a number of years and watch the races in an area in which I have gotten to know certain people. I am not friends with them. However, they always convey how much they have invested in a race. One guy is a fairly small bettor. For example, it's highly unusual for him to wager $100 to win on a horse that is not the favorite.

In the race in question, this one guy wagered $100 to win on Schosberg's runner and said, "The mob gave me this." The horse was 7-1. I have seen the guy tap the SAM machines before and, indeed, he is a small time bettor, usally wagering $15 to $30 on a horse, and most times it's the favorite.

The horse won that race at 7-1. As soon as the horse crossed the line, he yelled out, "Always trust the mob, man!" The interesting part is he told several people three races before that race that the horse "would not lose."

Anonymous said...

Since when is no racing in the best interests of racing?

Eerily reminiscent of "we had to burn the village to save it" ...

Anonymous said...

Alan-did you see the story on bloodhorse that Chapa was suspended 5 YEARS for riding with an "electrical device"..That guy was a leading rider, he won some meets at the fairgrounds and was first call for a lot of the bigger barns down there........makes you wonder ??

Anonymous said...

Biacone done for a year in Kentucky and rightfully so.


Anonymous said...

How about a permanent section of the blog devoted to all the overt corruption in the sport?

Biancone's QUASICOBRA was off the board today. How ironic a horse with this name -- QUASICOBRA -- runs.

It's also quite ironic that Marion Jones pleads guilty on the same day as Biancone is told he has to serve a year. HE SHOULD BE BANNED FROM THE SPORT! How many infractions must one have? He was booted from Hong Kong; he served 15 days recently from a prior infraction ( or was this multitude ones, too), and now this one.


It's also ironic that Steve Asmussen wins the race in which QUASICOBRA ran in. Asmussen is another cheater. He served 6 months, wins the Jockey Club Gold Cup, an organization that is more concerned about barring an owner from naming a horse Sally Heming's, a mistress of Thomas Jefferson.

What a country. Give me liberty or give me death ---- for racing fans, is the latter the more enviable option?

Anonymous said...

Friday's Biancone advisement: as of this post he is 0-for-3. No wins and no on the board finishes. Will Irish Smoke go up in flames?

Biancone Patrick L KEE 3 ~7f D Md 50000 Rhapsodybohemian Geroux Florent Richard J Giacopelli

Biancone Patrick L KEE 7 ~7f D Alw 52000n2l Quasicobra Leparoux Julien R Richard J Giacopelli & Fab Oak Stable

Biancone Patrick L KEE 8 1 1/2m T Sycamore-G3 Louve Des Reves Leparoux Julien R Joseph Allen

Biancone Patrick L KEE 9 1 1/16m D Alcibiad-G1 Irish Smoke Leparoux Julien R West Point Stable
Biancone Patrick L OSA 6 1 1/8m T OClm 62500n2l Niagara Causeway Talamo Joseph La Bahia Stud Inc

Anonymous said...

Irish Smoke:

DEAD LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You deserve it Terry Finley. You stuck with him, you got your Grade 1 at Saratoga, and you will no doubt sell the horse for a lofty sum in November, but remember, there is a large cloud of suspicion over your trainer, your Grade 1 win, and your apparent insistence to openly comment on Patrick Biancone.

Anonymous said...

Desormeaux rode the last at Keeneland unlike he rode in Indian Hawke's win.

Another pockmark on the sport.

Will the general public, the wagering public, be allowed access to these stewards' inquiries post-race?

"Kent, why did you not give your best effort?"