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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Night

- As I was leaving, I was officially informed that I would have a spot to sit tomorrow. It's over in the far corner, not a prime location, but it's closer to the betting machines. There are no functioning machines in the pressbox now; two were brought in today but weren't hooked up. I have to say that even though the people running the room sometimes feel distant, they actually have been very attentive to every individual's problem, both with the seating and the internet problem on Wednesday.

Gonna do my picks for the races on Saturday for the BC blog tonight (after checking out the Gray Goose party). The worst I could be is wrong, so I'll have some fun and try to beat most of the favorites. I gotta tell you that the weather forecast blows. What a freaking pity; I almost feel embarrassed someone who lives in the region. I'm just gonna stick to the basics for the picks and hope for the best. On a day like today, I just lose interest when the track is sloppy Obviously that won't be the case the next two days, but I'm surely going to be more conservative with my betting.


Anonymous said...

I really feel bad for the people from MTH that have been working on this for years and now they get this weather.

30for60 said...

Thanks for all of our efforts here. Great reports and I know you are busy, but keep them coming as much as possible. Man those shots of Curlin really say so much. As you know I am a big visual handicapper, and Curlin looks like so much the man. Horse shots can be so decieving but Curlin really is a freak. He reminds me of Leroidesanimaux in terms of his physical presence. Along with Wando (Candaian Triple Crown Winner) and Leroi he is the most overpowering physical presence I have seen. And it seems like Curlin has grown so much in the past 3 or 4 months. Thanks again and good luck in the next couple of days.
Andrew - on location from The Wynn Vegas

Michael said...

I'm with you, I was telling my Pick Four partner that I'm probably going to scale back and do much less than I usually do on the individual races.

Anonymous said...

Old contrarian Green Mtn Punter checking in to ask: Why the down faces because of the off track forecast? It's just another test of whether or not a runner is a true champion- the truly good ones, the sound horses, can win on any track in any kind of conditions. Overcoming the elements has always been part of the challenge, hasn't it? This movement toward a sort of hermetically sealed track environment and racing conditions, i.e., controlled conditions, chiefly through artificial surfaces, takes away the vagaries of nature and it's accompanying mystique. Yes, it's more of a gamble but that's what horse racing is! I acknowledge that an off track introduces many question marks into the handicapping equation, and more question marks is exactly the opposite of what horseplayers need when already faced with a daunting list of predictor variables to correlate! However, it seems to me that it wasn't that long ago that handicappers loved to see an off track, with those big mutuel payoffs awaiting those savvy 'cappers who could read the tea leaves and pick the off track horses, or am I just imagining this? /S/Green Mtn Punter