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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thursday Morning

- Continuing to have some connectivity problems; couldn't get online with my laptop at my friend's where I was staying. So I'll post some photos now. I'm at the Breeders' Cup Media Center in the Sheraton Hotel Eatontown. I suppose I could be on the backstetch but it's cool and rainy and besides, they hand out detailed notes with quotes from all the trainers throughout the day in the press box. So why not let others do all the work for me?

So I'm in the "work room." There's another reporter here - or I guess I should say - there's a reporter here, a real one, who was just on the phone with Richard Schosberg. Atilla's Storm is out of the Sprint. So there's just a little less speed in that race.

Yesterday just flew by at the track, but what else is new? Monmouth has always had too little time between races for my taste. Just about 20 minutes I'd say, and the races really fly by. Between that and my internet problems, I didn't bet any races yesterday....until on the way out, when I saw that Keeneland's 9th was coming up. Cody Autrey had the favorite; I'd remembered this horse, Engineered, from when I was at Del Mar. Autrey was out there was some stock he had claimed in Kentucky, and not doing very well, and I recall betting against him. He ran second; that was for 50K, and now he was in for $7500! Talk about your suspicious favorite!! So he was 3-2 here, but horses like this just have to be totally opposed. Indeed, he finished 5th, and though I didn't catch the winner, I had the right idea. A lot of good that does me.

Yup, that's the auxiliary pressbox, in there (not the Rest Room). Doesn't seem as if it was a nice bar either.

There's Curlin, schooling in the paddock before Wednesday's 5th race, with assistant Scott Blasi on the left. Even with my lousy photography, you can tell he's an absolute monster!

Tiago, also schooling in the paddock before the 5th race. He ain't no Curlin, but still, not bad.

Randy Moss and Joe Tessitore out for some schooling too.

Don't plan on hanging out on the apron if you don't have seats.

Speak to you later.


Anonymous said...

Curlin truly is a "freak".

Know he is not as tall as Secretariat, and not as good, but I still get that feeling looking at him.

If I get 3-1 I am all over him.

Street Sense should be favored, think Curlin will be second choice.

The general public has no idea who Lawyer Ron is, bad morning line favorite, but at least one on my friends plans to bet the house on him to rebound to his SPA form and crush the 3yo's.

suebroux said...

Photography skills aside, your photo of Curlin was attention-grabbing! What an impressive horse!

Anonymous said...

Rain finally stopped by me, about 30 miles from MTH.

Walked my dog and the grass (turf) at the park is suprisingly firm.

Even the usual boggy spots are dry.

After a very dry late summer, the ground appears to have been dry enough to absorb the rains, so far, so unless there is a lot more precip expect the course to be no worse than "good".

Sure they will be off turf today for precautionary reasons only.

Anonymous said...

Who's chances get better on an off track?

Anonymous said...


Were you able to dig up any more info on where people who hold general admission tickets will have access to on breeders cup day ? Thanks.........

Alan Mann said...

>>Were you able to dig up any more info on where people who hold general admission tickets will have access to on breeders cup day ? Thanks.........

As you can see from the photo, the entire apron, both grandstand, clubhouse, and the picnic areas, are filled with seats. But there's no restrictions on the backyard and the grandstand and clubhouse buildings as far as I can see.

Alan Mann said...

>>Walked my dog and the grass (turf) at the park is suprisingly firm.

Greg Hall of the Courier-Journal told me that he walked the course and that it seemed rock hard. It's going to take more than the incessant drizzle we're having here to make a significant dent on the course I think.

Brett said...

Great pictures Alan. It's like you are a real reporter or something.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Alan the turf condition is invaluable information.

Enjoy the day, the announcers and most importantly hit a few races.