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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Notes

- It seems to me as if our friends overseas are more philosophical and even accepting of tragedy that occurs on the racetrack. I noticed that a couple of years ago after a particular incident - and the name of the horse is escaping me right now - in which another of Aidan O'Brien's horses was euthanized after a race. Before the race, there seemed to be some question about his condition, as the rider seemed concerned, and O'Brien was seen coming over to take a look shortly before post time. I thought the incident would create a huge controversy there, as it certainly would have here; but the whole matter seemed to die down quickly and without much fuss.

So I wasn't too surprised to read the following in the UK's Sporting Life about the death of George Washington in yesterday's Classic:

There should be no inquest into why he died.

A simple, if cold, truth is these things happen.

Of course he should have been there racing on the dirt - even in the bog-like conditions. He was a racehorse and an incredibly gifted one at that, and he deserved the chance to show what he could do on one of the greatest stages.

No-one could have anticipated he would break both sesamoid bones that would lead to him being humanely destroyed. It could have happened in a workout on the Curragh, or on good ground in a race at Newmarket.

Yet it happened at the Breeders' Cup, and unfortunately - at least in Europe - this year's championships will be remembered as much for tragedy as it will be for excellence. [Sporting Life]
More on the tragedy, and the miserable day in general for O'Brien and Coolmore here.

The Head Chef and I are headed to the press conference, and then to do a little Jersey Shore sightseeing on what is, of course, a beautiful day. Would have been a great day for the races to be sure.


Michael said...

I was curious and jumped over to the FOB website and they have lost thier mind over there -- calling for the head of Aiden O'Brien and Coolmore.

Anonymous said...

Alan - You're thinking of Horatio Nelson.

Have they actually announced that Curlin is done racing, or is that just assumed?

Anonymous said...

Hey Alan...great coverage. I had a great Breeders Cup day. I thought Monmouth was awful (ran out of all but Coors light in the Clubhouse!!), unprepared for the even nominal crown (a fence with a 3 ft. gap on the apron?? NJ Transit once an hour??), technically shoddy (couldn't hear race calls on track), made a big-to-do about nothing with the confusing ticket sales...but I still had an awesome time. Glad to see your work in the big time. You deserve it man, you're the best racing blogger on the planet. If I weren't married, I'd totally ask you out! Anyway, I'm busy filling up my mind with dreams of Derby preps. I don't care what anyone says, the members of Team Belmont believe Triple Crown season is better than Breeders Cup.

Anonymous said...

Who whould win in a dirt mile race, Hard Spun or Corinthian? I don't know, but I would like to see it.