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Friday, October 26, 2007

Breeders' Cup Day (1)

- Today is an official Breeders' Cup day, no doubt about it. Cops with machine guns are always a good tipoff. There looks like a big crowd, and there's a buzz going on. The in-house telecast is decked in purple, and has been taken over by TVG.

There are people with fistfuls of tickets for sale outside, so if you're thinking about whether to come without them, I'd say to give it a shot.

The track is very wet. It's labeled muddy, but looks more like slop. It didn't rain overnight, and there were actually some winds that felt of the clearing variety. But that's not expected to come for sure until, of course, Saturday night. And the track has a lot of moisture; this well before the rains that are predicted to envelope the area as the day/night/overnight goes on. The track is apparently going to be quite sloppy.

The Grey Goose party last night was awesome. These guys know how to throw a party, I'll tell you that. They had two huge adjoining ballrooms, one with Southside Johnny, one without. They had tons and tons of food, of which I partook very generously. But I didn't get to see Southside Johnny. By 9PM, they still had not started, and I had had enough.

OK, time for the second race....


Anonymous said...

What is the turf course conditions?

alan said...

It's labeled 'good.' The track super is going to be here at 3 and we'll find out more.