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Friday, October 26, 2007


- Dream Rush out sprinted La Traviata through insane fractions of 21.1 and 44, setting up a wild finish. This track is as fair as can possibly be as far as speed/closers. When there's been a contested pace, closers have won; and the dominant front-runners have gone on to win. Maryfield took the race at 8-1 for Doug O'Neill, his third BC win (Thor's Echo, Stevie Wonderboy) and she outlasted 43-1 Miraculous Miss in a driving finish. It is electric here, despite the gloomy weather. With 5-1 Miss Macy Sue third, and 18-1 Baroness Thacher 4th, people are muttering that the super came back very light at $6,000 for a buck; and the triple only $878. Someone speculated that someone may have just loaded up on the closers, figuring on a destructive speed duel. I had that part of the race right, but the wrong closer, though Miss Macy Sue ran well. Maryfield is by Elusive Quality.

On to the Juvie Turf, and I have to be honest and tell you that I've barely even looked at this race. This is little different from the Pilgrim Stakes, except for a couple of foreigners thrown in...

- Nine minutes to post. The bettors are going for the Euro horses, Achill Island at 3-1 and Strike the Deal at 5-1. Prussian second choice at 9-2.

The good news is that the betting machines in the APB are now hooked up.

Jessica Chapel is here for the Form, but has been relegated to the lowly main pressbox.


Anonymous said...

love the live update. i'm stuck at work and this is the first place i've seen any news. thanks much for posting from the track...

Anonymous said...

Check out p.23 of Saturday's Racing Form. "An Open Letter In Support of George Steinbrenner"


Anonymous said...

I had the tri, it was definitely short, I was expecting $1,500 - $2,000 for a buck. Also had Miraculous Miss to win and keyed on top of the super. If she wins I would have had a stellar day, instead I padded my bankroll for tomorrow. Come on Smarty Deb.