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Friday, October 26, 2007

Track Seems Fair (w/updates)

- A blistering pace in the 7th, a six furlong stakes; a first quarter of 21.3. Margo's Gift came out of nowhere up the rail at 26-1. She was ignored shipping in fro Emerald Downs (take note Smarty Deb fans). The final time was 1:10. The track certainly seems to be playing more or less evenly. We've had closers win two distance races, and this one now at a sprint. Tessa Blue and Throbbin Heart, who wired their fields, certainly had license to do so.

F&M Sprint coming up in 20 minutes. They've switched many of the TV's to the interview tent, and I guess a lot of the reporters will be going down there.

I'm looking for a similar pace scenario to the last race in the F&M Sprint, with Shaggy Mane, La Traviata, and Dream Rush. I like Miss Macy Sue a lot, and she's 5-1. I'm looking at that daily double bet with tomorrow's Sprint; play her with Smokey Stover, Greg's Gold, and maybe Idiot Proof, I can't decide about him.

- There are long, long betting lines up here, and the two pressbox machines aren't yet hooked up. Imagine how long they'll be tomorrow. Another thing I didn't take care of before I left was filling up my NYRA One account.... Time to go find a place to bet.

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Michael said...

Between the purple saddle cloths and smudgy/foggy screen you can't tell a damn thing from ESPN's feed.