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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Improvising Still

- So I'm set up in the auxiliary press box today. No, there's still no official spot for me, and he guy said something like "Yeah, I gotta talk to them, there's a few of you who don't have spots" There's actually a guy sitting at The Trentonian spot. So I have an improvised spot. It's the table where they have all the ethernet routers for the unfortunate amongst us who still can't get on wirelessly. I feel like I'm kinda in the way, but too bad.

I spent the morning at the hotel writing my BC post, so I feel free to have a little fun. The track is muddy, but harrowed. It continues to drizzle, slightly but incessantly. I know at least one of the grass races is off the turf.

Updates - The wireless problem is fixed! I must say they were very nice and helpful in attending to the issue. But I'm still sitting at the table with all the routers and cables.

Cool - it's announcer's day!! The incomparable Larry Levinson Lederman (you'd think I'd get his name right if I'm complementing him like that!) is calling the first; he presently plies his trade at the Freehold harness track, which I drove right by yesterday. Man, that place brings back memories, but for a later time. A couple of Brits made fun of Larry Collmus for saying "the one and only Larry Levinson Lederman." Little do they know.


Steve D said...

You've done an awesome job covering the Cup in your first year. Don't forget, at some point, to sit back and enjoy the event (even if only for 5 minutes). I totally forget to do that at the big events, which is why I rarely go anymore.

Have a great time at the Grey Goose party, and be sure to mention my name if you meet anyone from the Thoroughbred Daily News. I've told them you're the best blog on the net and have converted many of them into loyal readers.

All the best,
Steve D

P.S.-I'll be posting a few comments on the races tonight. Can't say I have too many strong opinions this year...and bet size may be reduced if it's a deluge. I'm still stinging from an 0 for 7 day in 1995 in the slop at Belmont. (had I been betting on horses to finish last, I'd have been 3 for 7)

Anonymous said...


His name is Larry Lederman and I'd take him over Trevor Denman anyday. In fact, he sometimes parodies Denman.

alan said...

>>His name is Larry Lederman and I'd take him over Trevor Denman anyday. In fact, he sometimes parodies Denman.

Oy thanks, that's embarrassing. I haven't heard him in quite a while, but I always thought he was a riot, as well as an excellent announcer. And he does do a great Trevor Denman.

alan said...

Steve D - Thanks so much for the kind words, especially gratifying coming from yourself. Look forward to your insight on the races!